way to fucking bone me landlord

having me move out on a sunday

"lol to stop any utility service it needs to be on a business day and you need to be there!!!!"



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Alice In Chains performing ‘Man In The Box’.

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my one metalcore complaint post

i just have to get this off my chest because i hate feeling like a snob music bitch since RD likes metalcore so much.

my biggest complaint is the vocals

metal is all about sounding like you fucking split out of hell (and there are many ways to do that) but these bands seem to be all about sounding sissy. i listen to many bands with clean vocals so that’s not it; i actually prefer bands with clean vocals at this point in my metal journey. but popular metalcore just has this whiney-ass way about singing that makes me sick; i can’t stand it. it’s like an emo band (the kind you made fun of) smashed with metal in a lame way. i listen to one part and i’m like yes, yes, don’t stop but they do and segue into something lame.

their breakdowns are weak and feel out of place in the song, their riffs are lacking in creativity, and the music as a whole feels soulless (which is hard to believe with lyrics i know mean a hell of a lot to many teens). the lyrics are something suited to a band less hardcore, they seem like tryhards, and their fucking albums are available at hot topic. yes, yay for making it big but still that screams fucking sell out. you can do well without being a wiener who has his albums at hot topic.

i think the thing that pisses me off most is that people act like this music is the end all be all in heaviness and i have to go bitch i weigh a hundred pounds less than you and i listen to music a hundred times heavier than you ( i really hate to pull that card but jesus sometimes i want to.) just jeebus



i just

i am a metal elitist and i feel like i am justified.

warped tour was fun! i didn’t like any of the sets besides plague vendors and bowling for soup but that’s okay. now when people ask me why i won’t like this or that metalcore band i can be like “I just don’t. I saw them in concert and they’re still not my thing.”

also it may have been all the kids but i still found the crowds at warped to be way more rude than metal crowds

but positive time!

if you get a chance to see plague vendors (they’re hella punky) you should go because they are so ridiculous they are great in the immortal tradition of classic punk




Evocative & Dreamy Illustrated Backgrounds Of Fantasy Worlds

by Filipino digital artist Ferdinand Dumago Ladera

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aa sabaton i want to love your new album but carolus rex just gives me song shiver after song shiver so i think it ruined things for me



i’m going to warped tour with RD after all, the one in tinley park on the 19th. if you’re going you should come and say hi or something

any suggestions on who to see? i’m taking a listen to some of the bands right now and a lot of them are right out. or i guess who’s most likely to put on a good show, since i could tolerate a wiener band if they have a lot of energy



Parker, Campanula

Beautiful! So beautiful!

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this mastodon album feels like half of the mastodon i’ve known

like wtf spotify

the motherload seems the weakest song to me

why is it the most popular

do you ever just hear a song off a new album of a band you love and :I

*sobs quietly seeing 16 year-olds get multiple commissions that they end up not finishing*